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2016 PNWA Mainstream Fiction Contest - 1st Place Winner; Nicholas Schaffner Award for Music in Literature - Finalist; 2021 American Fiction Awards - Finalist (General Fiction); 2021 Next General Indie Book Award - Finalist (General Fiction/Novel)


Alex Evans, a thirty-six year-old touring electrician, discovers through an accidental pregnancy and then the pain of miscarriage that she truly wants a family. Through arguments and accidents, combating drug use and religion, four women on tour look back on their choices, offering up strength to face tough decisions ahead.


“Tavi Black brings the reader right onto the bus with an all-access pass to the strange life that is touring. This is a riveting read and beautiful depiction of the ups and downs on the road of life.” —Norah Jones, Grammy Award-winning Singer/Songwriter


“An often intriguing and emotional look at lives on and off the road.”  —Kirkus


“After many tours with Tavi as our tour-manager and experiencing firsthand her humour, her thoughtfulness, her grounded-ness and her observant nature I had no doubt that she would be able to take me into the world behind the scenes of a tour in a way not many people could. If you ever wondered (just like I used to) what really happens behind those dark windows of a tour bus, or during sound-check in an empty theatre or in green rooms—all those dark and confusing alleyways and elevators away from the stage, Tavi will take you there.” —Deva Premal, Singer and Grammy Award Nominee (Deva, Best New Age Album, 2018)


“Every so often, you find a book—against all odds—that changes the way you think. A book that you know you might not have found. Where Are We Tomorrow? is just such a book. Tavi Black has written a story about women who are ambitious, who are talented and who are free to their artistry. The main character works backstage in show business: in the dark behind the backdrop, using tools, wearing boots that protect the feet. When I was very young and still startled by the wonders of reading, I found a book that changed my understanding about how women daily contribute to saving society. Valerie Miner's novel about nurses in WWII, a novel that changed me, that I have never forgotten. Books can change your mind about life, about what work you might do, about what kinds of other ‘you's might be out there, working in the world. Where Are We Tomorrow? will change some readers, especially girls and young women who need the critical reminder that not all women wear heels.” —A.J. Verdelle, Author, The Good Negress


“Where Are We Tomorrow is the kind of book you sink so deeply into it makes real life seem somehow inauthentic. A gripping, earnest and layered novel about the long and arduous search for a sense of identity—of home—it follows unconventional mid-thirties rock concert electrician Alex Evans as she struggles to overcome her past, family secrets, and the uncertainty of the future. The writing is as musical as the rock concert settings, gorgeous and sublime, but more impressive still is Tavi Black's extraordinary ability to page after page illuminate the truth at the heart of being human: that more often than not, good and bad, right and wrong, are blurred among shades of grey.” —Philip Elliot, Editor, Into the Void Magazine, Author, Nobody Move

Where Are We Tomorrow?


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    TouchPoint Press


    Tavi Taylor Black (author)

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    None. All Rights Available


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