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The Space in Between captures the essence of what it means to live as an empath and live in an extended communication with nature and humanity. Written for persons who identify as highly sensitive, as empathic, or as empaths. This guide cultivates both self-awareness and connectivity to the greater world.


The Space in Between by Signe Hovem is a wonderful companion guide and framework to help an overly sensitive person learn how to become an engaged and a functional empath who has a deeper understanding of their sensitivities.” ―Kristine Carlson, New York Times best-selling author and creator of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series


“In her beautifully thoughtful and insightful book, Signe Myers Hovem guides us to reflect on what it really means to be an ‘energy-aware empath’ and how to understand and honor our personal sensitivities. What a valuable resource for anyone searching for truly meaningful information about the empath experience!” ―Jean Haner, author of Clear Home Clear Heart: Learn to Clear the Energy of People and Places


“The line by ancient Greek poet Pindar that appears on the first and last page of The Space in Between―'Know who you are and be such’―captures the essence of this fearless memoir and valuable guide into what it means to be an empath. This deep dive into the places that tell you who you are promises to be an empowering read for all who seek to know and love themselves.” ―Dorothy Van Soest, award-winning author of Nuclear Option and Death Unchartered


“An exceptionally lucid, reflective, and yet practical read. Packed with a treasure trove of exercises and tools, Signe Myers Hovem's The Space In Between will help you navigate the empath experience so that you become a master of your own personal sovereignty. An extraordinary book.” ―Michael R. Smith, Ph.D., founder of and author of The Complete Empath Toolkit


The Space In Between is an invaluable addition to the consciousness of our time. Signe Myers Hovem explores the essential questions for all who experience the ‘in between’ spaces and places of connection. The book is beautifully crafted, borne out of deep personal experience and perception, and each page guides the reader towards rich understandings applicable to the everyday.” ―Prune Harris, energy expert, educator, and author


“This field guide will help everyone who picks it up to identify and clarify their empathic nature and understand how to create boundaries as needed and tap into our gifts. If you've been labeled as an empath or a highly sensitive person, this book will help you discern, redefine where necessary, and ground into who you truly are to harness your truth and your power.” ―Jenn Perell Bush, strategy consultant and wellness coach


“I believe that energy is the new language of the future and Signe Myers Hovem is a master guide for navigating a path for sensitive people through her own personal story. The Space in Between offers a safe space to explore our personal sensitivities and open up to our natural intuition. As an empath, I recommend this book to anyone wanting to explore their own intuition and embrace their own unique energy.” ―Titanya Monique Dahlin, Energy Medicine Practitioner and author of the Energy Medicine for Kids series


“Remarkable! The Space in Between puts words to the wordless. It’s a wonderfully engaging and wise read. Signe Myers Hovem brings immense depth and clarity to a topic that begs further exploration for every one of us. Hovem masterfully lays out the nuances of empathic sensory perception while giving us the tools to become more attuned and responsible in those experiences. In short, this book made me feel seen, and I think anyone who reads it will receive the gift of connecting more deeply with themselves and the world.” ―Leigh Medeiros, creative coach and author of The 1-Minute Writer


“I’ve waited all my life for this book! For empathic people at any stage of life’s journey, this book truly delivers—a field guide that’s accessible, respectful, and offered without bias or dogma. Hovem writes with a clear intention of sharing what and how she’s learned while witnessing what’s awakened, healed, and strengthened in herself along the way. This book is invaluable and I recommend it with all my heart.” —NINA SIMONS, cofounder and chief relationship strategist, Bioneers

The Space in Between: An Empath's Field Guide


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    She Writes Press


    Signe Myers Hovem (author); Tabitha Lahr (illustrator)

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    None. All Rights Available


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