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Hearing the word “no” as a child invited an unwanted mental houseguest that blocks us from living out our true destiny. The Maestro Monologue teaches you to tap into a captivating inner narrative that strips power from the intruder and awakens your natural power once again.


The Maestro Monologue by Rob White is a lighthouse for sailors in life who are lost in their journey of self-discovery. It is a tour de force on the revelation of a greater understanding of the extraordinary resources that come with being a human being—the capacity to make corrections to rid yourself of toxic understandings that poison your personality.

This riveting opus has four parts: understanding what’s ultimately true about yourself, seeing it like it is without making it worse, high spirits as you are revealed, and thy kingdom come. The first part takes a reader through awareness training, the astonishing power of intervention, the ultimate understanding, and the critical addendum. The second part reveals the intruder that has corrupted your faculty of thoughts, limiting your abilities. This part gives you the wherewithal you need to unravel and neutralize the effects of the intruder's kegs of dynamite in your life.

The third part reveals the true you (the maestro), the three states that arouse incredible aptitudes, talents, and strengths that lay dormant within (the dynamic trio). It also takes you through the maestro monologue (a narrative of self-reflection that makes available your immeasurable potential). The last part is the destination, and it introduces you to the kingdom of WOW (compelling, life-thriving energy) and coaches a reader on creating inspiring addictions.

What White offers here is not a theory on how you might become a superman; he articulates the fundamental truths and timeless principles that help us reach a new echelon of ultimate understanding, where our “miss-understanding” (an opinion we hold of ourselves that misses the mark completely) is captured, and our authentic self is unchained and given the wheel. He goes so far as to offer guidelines. For instance, White includes exercises to help you understand yourself and achieve supreme insights into the true nature of your being and experience the life you dream of living. He also guides his readers through a “Seven-Day Dare”, where they journal their activities to help them track their transformational progress—leading to a continuous upswing of growth and feats.

The Maestro Monologue is an intriguing and powerful read; it harbors many examples, parables, stories, author’s personal instances, and inspiring quotes from sages of the past that are capable of changing how you view the world. oft-times, it impels one to enter an altogether different zone where light eventually dawns at the end of a dim-lit tunnel. One of the quotes I’ll live to remember was from Helen Keller: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Some stories in this book—like that of “the orphaned eagle”, Helen Keller, and many more—made me search deep into my soul and doubt whether I was living my full potential.

While reading this book, there shall be several self-reflection times when you'll have revelations and moments of epiphany—and that is what makes this book unique. Rob white tells us that “you reap from your world what your understandings sow.” Part two of this book was my favorite section. The moments I spent in this section were bittersweet. There was nothing as painful as to realize that I’ve been living below my potential because of my “miss-understanding”; however, I found solace in the author’s assurance that I had what it takes to change my inner narrative. He tells us that “you are the maker, and you are the made.”

Sincerely, I disliked nothing in this magnificent masterpiece. It seems that the book passed through the hands of a professional editor; I found only one error in it. Its engaging prose illuminates a reader’s soul through carefully chosen words by an experienced wordsmith. I liked the dialogue writing style employed by the author. There are indeed some bible verses quoted in this book. However, they are used as the basis of truth and age-old principles, not as an expression of the author’s religious beliefs. Some readers will view them as religious undertones; but, I’m not one of them.

The Maestro Monologue deserves a dazzling 4 out of 4 stars. The fluid writing style, the impeccable editing, the ideas, the impact it has, and the choice of words make this book stand out; therefore, it deserves no lower rating. It’s easy to comprehend and extract the very essence of all that the writer wants us to grasp, and irrefutably, this is a must-read book for folks across all walks of life, age groups, and professions—save for children who cannot fathom the concepts in this book.

The Maestro Monologue: Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your..


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