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This mind-expanding spiritually inspiring journey into the heart of creation will elevate your awareness as a multi-dimensional being. Through the daily meditations, initiations, and energetic activations, this 10-Day immersion program awakens a life-changing awareness of the Oneness of all life and deepens your connection to your own divine nature.


Rise Up! is the most brilliant and accessible synthesis of esoteric wisdom, cycles of time, and cosmic dimensions that I have ever read. With expert guidance, Suzanne Ross takes you into the higher planes over a ten-day course of instruction. As a totally grounded journey into the center of the Universe, this timely self-help manual is a wonderful sequel to her emotional processing book, Wake Up! This is a must-read for any seeker of wisdom. You will see there is nothing to fear as we move rapidly into the Age of Aquarius and remember our divine source.” —Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Revelations of the Aquarian Age and many more.


“Rise Up! by Suzanne Ross expands upon the masterful ""10-day life lesson workshop"" she developed in Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection. Suzanne reveals the deeper meaning behind life's greatest mysteries in a transformative way which only this empathic author can convey. Readers will discover that the meaning of life is to create, and the purpose is to evolve, so that we may Rise Up! to our full potential. For understanding the mystery that is you, pick up this book and begin the ultimate journey!” —Brad Olsen, author of Modern Esoteric, Future Esoteric and many more.


Suzanne Ross' new book is inspiring, fascinating and informative! I highly recommend it.” —David Hatcher Childress, author of Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest, The Lost World of Cham and many more.


Rise Up! by Suzanne Ross approaches the constructs of spirituality and cosmology from perspectives that are in many ways the opposite of my own. Despite that, time and again we arrive at essentially the same destination in terms of which elements are key to an ancient tradition and their significance. I find quite a lot to recommend in her book.” —Laird Scranton, author of Sacred Symbols of the Dogon, Science of the Dogon and many more.

Rise Up! Awakening Through Revelation: 10 Days on the Ascension Path


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    Sacred Dragon Publishing


    Suzanne Ross (author)

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