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Leveling the Paying Field offers anyone who takes home a paycheck the opportunity to take pay parity into their own hands. This same information also benefits anyone seeking a new opportunity as it addresses how to professionally compete for, and retain, your next position.


“Rick Gillis may have resolved the issue of pay disparity in the workplace. By embracing the concepts laid out in this book, no matter what you do, you could realistically change your pay and your reality. The legacy of Leveling the Paying Field could be to change the lives of generations yet to come.” — KEITH WYCHE, C-Suite Executive, Speaker & Author | Good is Not Enough & Corner Office Rules

“As a businesswoman who learned how to own her value through trial and toil, this book is a breath of fresh air. Using Rick Gillis’ QTNT, you will now be able to measure your contribution and work on the areas where you can improve, so you can increase your value (and confidence) and get paid what you’re really worth.” — Nicole Jansen, Founder | Discover the Edge and the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast

“A must-read book for every employee in any organization. Leveling the Paying Field clearly explains how anyone can calculate and showcase the value they add to their organization. Brilliant!” — Shohreh Ghorbani & Kamran Akbarzadeh Founders & Directors |

“Rick’s book guides you step by step to help you identify and communicate all the value that you bring to your workspace.” — Joyel Crawford, MBA, CPCC, PHR Leadership Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host | Career View Mirror®

“Putting numbers to the value of any employee’s performance is always a challenge, but Rick has created a simple, powerful formula with immediate applications for transforming how your workplace produces and evaluates value.” — ROB PENNINGTON, Ph.D. Educational Psychologist |

“In Leveling the Paying Field, Rick Gillis provides you with all the steps necessary to prove your value to your company and why you deserve not just fair pay—but the proper pay for what you do.” — Dayna Steele, Host | Rock Star Principles     

“In Leveling the Paying Field author Rick Gillis has brought his lifetime of career management experience to solving one of the hardest aspects of compensation and negotiation: quantifying performance and value fairly and accurately, regardless of role or gender. Gillis provides a simple, repeatable formula as well as many examples that illustrate that quantifying value is not just for those whose work directly impacts revenue. His ‘quotient’ will work for everyone, from secretaries to project managers to executives. A must for HR and hiring managers.” — Lisa Gates, Negotiation and Career Story Coach,

“How much are you worth? Rick Gillis brings science to the art of getting paid fairly at work. With the Quotient you have hard data to make your case and truly level the playing, er, ‘paying’ field. This is a really cool approach and a must-have tool for everyone that has a job!” — Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton, Best Selling Authors | The Carrot Principle, Leading With Gratitude & Anxiety At Work

“Demonstrating 'fairness' in our hiring processes as well as in the treatment of our workforce may be the most critical challenge we face in the next decade to boost employee engagement--especially as we learn and measure just how important engagement is in every firm's performance. Rick Gillis takes on this most difficult problem head on with Leveling the Playing Field in an engaging, pragmatic approach that is easy to follow, understand and install.” — Gerry Crispin, Co-founder & Principal |

“Rick Gillis's Leveling the Paying Field introduces a simple formula which reframes that negotiation. 'The Quotient' or QTNT enables both parties to share the same framework in deciding how to calculate compensation. At the very least it is a valuable personal tool; at most it could be a catalyst for cultural change. This is an important book - for job seekers and hiring managers alike.” — Hung Lee, Curator & Editor |

“What is true in life is true in business: rarely will others see your value until you do. In Leveling the Paying Field, Rick Gillis walks you through the ‘simple but not easy’ process of discovering your obvious, and hidden, contributions to your organization. You’ll learn to calculate and articulate your impact in financial terms, so you have agency in getting the compensation you deserve. Don’t wait for the outside world to notice your value and pay you fairly. Use Rick’s QTNT technique to develop yourself into a confident, self-aware individual, armed with a succinct, factual value statement of your contributions.” — CATHERINE L. CROSSLIN, CEO, Instar Performance | A Culture & Leadership Consultancy

Leveling the Paying Field: A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay


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