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Inspired by the West African folklore of the author’s childhood, Djeliya is a fantasy epic that tells the extraordinary tale of Prince Mansour and his royal storyteller Awa as they journey to reach the mysterious wizard Soumaoro, who guards a fearsome power that he once used to destroy the entire world.


Djeliya is the type of comic I would have loved to have had growing up” —COMICON.COM


Djeliya hits all the right notes for larger-than-life storytelling. Djeliya showcases the unique way that cartoonist Juni Ba’s influences—Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées, manga and anime, American comics and cartoons, West African folklore, the Epic of Sundiata, and the jeli tradition—coalesce into an accessible yet sublime narrative.” —AV CLUB


Djeliya is a winding epic fairy tail, a fantastical reimagining of West African folklore. It has a sharp sense of humor combined with stunning art that wears the influences of Senegal-born creator, Juni Ba, on its sleeve. There's so much to enjoy on every page, including the back matter that delves into the folklore that inspired the book.” —THRILLIST 


Sometimes a comic comes along that truly reads like nothing else you've encountered in ages, and writer/artist Juni Ba's debut graphic novel Djeliya is that kind of comic.” —SYFY WIRE


“A gorgeously rich Afro-Fantasy adventure, the result of what happens when Cartoon Network seeps into a young boy from Senegal.” —COMIC BOOK COUPLES COUNSELING 


“Awa is a really great character! She grows so much in the course of the story, from a naive kind of fangirl to bold heroine and champion.” —THE BEAT 


“The imagery is empowered by the text, which Ba uses masterfully.” —WOMEN WRITE ABOUT COMICS


Djeliya is a wonderful all ages story, which has both an epic, but personal feel. Juni Ba's debut comic is a gorgeous, addictive and, above all, inspiring read and if you could only buy one comic in your life then this could quite possible be it.” —PIPEDREAM COMICS
“Ba blends West African folklore and speculative futurism into a graphic novel debut studded with tech, mythological creatures, and lurking danger.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“His pages are dense with thrilling art-work, combining West African folk imagery, street art, and hints of manga…all in a bold , dynamic visual style refreshingly unlike anything else out there.” —BOOKLIST 


“I have to recommend this one to anyone looking to peek into a corner of the world that isn’t spotlighted in comics often enough.” —THE PULLBOX


“Djeliya is a truly incredible mashup of West African folklore and post-apocalyptic science fiction.” —SCREENRANT



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    TKO Studios


    Juni Ba (author)

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    None. All Rights Available


    Marc Visnick,

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