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When a secret experiment transports Julius Caesar from his last Ides of March to a covert California lab in the year 1999, things do not unfold as planned.


“Megan Edwards gets us turning pages” –David Brin, best-selling author of Star Tide Rising, The Postman, Existence, the Out of Time series and many, many more


“Fascinating characters and their often sad stories coalesce into an unforgettably wonderful tale of time travel and its consequences, thrilling one moment, tragic the next. In its diversity of settings and languages, its intelligent combination of experimental science with high culture, A Coin for the Ferryman creates a world in which Caesar emerges as a grand figure who is also a believably flesh-and-bone man, unperplexed by any adventure. Colossus though he is, Caesar cannot distract a reader from Cassandra, whose honesty and sensitivity render her a woman too strong to be hobbled even by historical inevitability.” –W. Jeffrey Tatum, best-selling author of Always I Am Caesar, The Patrician Tribune, and Professor of Classics at The Victoria University of Wellington


“Megan Edwards's new novel, A Coin for the Ferryman, is her most ambitious and engaging to date. This wildly imaginative journey — from the era of Julius Caesar to late 1990s Las Vegas and Los Angeles — offers a thrilling glimpse of time travel and its potential ramifications. The plot draws you in quickly, and the characters and detailed scenes keep you engaged throughout. A deeply enjoyable read.” –Heather Skyler, author of Vegas Girls and The Perfect Age


A Coin for the Ferryman is a fascinating thought experiment, and one rooted in a deep love for the classics and knowledge of them. It is also a page turner. Megan Edwards’ Julius Caesar takes charge of the narrative from the moment he appears. Neither the big brains of Caltech nor the bright lights of Las Vegas intimidate him for an instant. Highly enjoyable!” –Greg Woolf, Ronald J Mellor, Professor of Ancient History at UCLA and author of Et Tu Bruté, The Life and Death of Ancient Cities, and Rome: An Empire’s Story


“Megan Edwards masterfully combines her extensive knowledge of the classical world with her literary skills to produce an intriguing and compelling novel.” –Stephen L. Glass, Professor Emeritus of Classics and Classical Archaeology, Pitzer College


“A highly entertaining story line, with compelling and colorful characters, time travel, chases, and Las Vegas. Any student of Classics who has ever visited Las Vegas has wondered about what it’d be like for Julius Caesar to actually visit Caesars Palace. You know you want to know how that went, and it doesn’t disappoint!” –Dawn Smith-Popielski, Recipient of the 2021 Keely Lake Advocacy Award from the American Classical League

A Coin for the Ferryman


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    Imbrifex Books


    Megan Edwards (author)

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